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Friday, March 11, 2011

Freemasons and Canada

When studying the origins and history of Freemasons in Canada, you must first research what the Freemasons are. Freemasons are a semi-secret group of people that practice philosophy.

Now from what history tells us, Freemasonry derives from a merger of four masonic lodges into the Grand lodge of england on 24 June 1717.The Grand Lodge of Ireland formed around 1725, the Grand Lodge of Scotland arose in 1736 and a rival Grand Lodge of England (The Ancients) formed in 1751 but merged with The Moderns in 1813. Today lodges also exist in the US, France and other European countries, Latin America and most former British colonies..Freemasons pass down there teachings, ideology's, and philosophy's by a series of rituals dramas.

The first civilian Masonic lodge was the Annapolis Royal, NS, Lodge, which was allowed by The Moderns Lodge in Boston in June 1738. They soon opened lodges in St John's (1746 and 1766), Halifax (1750 and 1751) and Québec (1764). The lodges gained many members until They suffered a temporary setback after the 1826 scandal in New York in which Masons were suspected of killing a vocal apostate named William Morgan. Thirty Canadian West and east lodges banded together in 1855 to form the Grand Lodge of Canada, and Ancient Masonic lodges established their own Grand Lodge 2 years later. Québec established its own Grand Lodge in 1869, and In 1887, the Grand Lodge of Canada changed its name to "The Grand Lodge of Ancient and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario."

Members are introduced into the lowest of 3 levels of teachings. If they progress past the third level (and most do not) they can then enter into further levels, either through a 6- (or, in Britain, a 7-) level system called the York Rite or a 30-level system called the Scottish Rite. Upward progress requires candidates to study about, and then participate in, rituals believed to propose there philosophy's.

Masonry boasts a long list of prominent members, including members of the British royal family, George Washington and many other American presidents, Mozart, Voltaire, Goethe and Winston Churchill. As well as Noteworthy Canadians such as, Sir Allan N. Macab, John R. Robertson, Joseph Brant, Sir John Rose, John D. Eaton, NS Premier John M. Buchanan, 16 Ontario premiers, and 6 prime ministers.

The above text is an introduction to Freemasonry in Canada. The basics. Freemasonry in Canada is a very broad and expansive subject because of Canada's relevance with the British empire. Canada acknowledges its relations to Britain because they played a huge roll in the founding of this country. We will further discuss canada's relationship to Britain and the royal family in a later post. I hope this information was informative, and instructive.

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