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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Polar Shift Imminent??

This has been floating around the internet for a while now, but recent events have led us to believe that a "polar shift" may take place on March 15, 2011. In light of recent events and their occurence dangerously close to this date, we believe that there is a strong chance that this is indeed the case. Now, A polar shift is a geological phenomenon in which the magnetic poles on our planet (north and south) shift in location and thus affecting the magnetic atmosphere (or magnetosphere). To someone that may not know how serious the effects can be during-and leading up to- the polar shift, they're much more cataclysmic than your compass acting wierd.

The following things can occur during March 15..

- Simultaneous volcanic eruptions/activity
- Tsunamis
- Hurricanes and winds in excess of 300 miles per hour.
- Earthquakes/powerful tectonic activity.

Now, much of our sources have pointed to the 15th as the day of reckoning so-to-speak. However, it has also been stated by youtube user VonHelton that it could take place anytime between March and July. He's had 2 independent sources of information tell him the same thing regarding this event, and coupled with his reputation he has proved to us beyond reasonable doubt that something is DEFINITELY happening to our planet.

There have been some "telltale" signs of this pole shift occuring as far back as last year. These signs include, but aren't limiting themselves to..

- Erratic weather patterns
- Increasingly violent earthquake activity
- Unusual hurricane and tornado patterns
- Extreme drought and rain, depending on your area
- Disruption in wireless reception (cellular, television, radio, etc)
- Unusual activity in animals, such as migration patterns or other patterns
- Rising sea level

VonHelton also mentions what is perhaps the most fearsome, he describes multiple volcanoes erupting simultaneously as the sign that confirms the polar shift, at this point all we can do is wait until Tuesday. Connect the dots, and come to your own personal conclusion because we at FLIP are not trying to cram the info down your throat, we conduct research and bring our findings to you. However, if this occurs we also want you to be ready. Here's some tips we found on how to survive things such as 300 mph winds.

- Location is your #1 priority, stay away from the coast or anything close to water level, or water entirely
- Volcanoes are going to spew all kinds of death, stay well away
- 300 mph winds can literally sweep your neighbourhood clean, mountains will help break the wind up if you're lucky, but don't think they're your safe haven, remember most objects travelling at 300mph can instantly kill you so stay inside
- Take advantage of your basement, if your house gets swept away rather than collapsing, then you're in a decent position
- It's supposed to take between 1 hour and 3 days to "recalibrate" the earths poles, so don't get too hyped if the worst seems over.
- Stock up on food, water and medical supplies for a possible 3 day riding out of the elements.
- Communication is everything, have a meeting place to go to as cellular/internet satellites may be out of service.

Most of all though, trust your gut in any situation this may throw at you. Know who you can trust. Once it's all over you must survive, and you'll have to let go of alot in order to continue. This is Mother Nature's new world order folks, follow your instincts.



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