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Thursday, March 10, 2011

American soldier admits to terrible abuse in iraq

I am about to share with you a dispiscable video clip released on youtube of an american soldier admiting to some terrible acts of abuse. The soldier in the video is drinking, i guess thats why he decided to tell his friends what iraq was like. I think the worst thing about it is hes proud of the abuse, and pain he caused to the people of Iraq.
The video starts with one of the soldiers friends asking him what it was like there. The Soldier says " I mean, Compared to what we were doing everday. You know whats the big deal of making a hodgie walk around like a dog and bark, hahahaha". He also metions that the cia showed them alot of "shit", after talking about various torture techniques.
About half way through the video the soldier is asked what was the most fun thing, he replied saying "Definatly the women". He then begins to explain his reasoning behind raping the women. The soldier says "what are you gunna have, 35 trials" insinuating that lots of people were involved.
The video comes to an end after the soldier talks in detail about gang raping this 15 year old muslim girl who then decided to end her life because of the shame she would have to endure at home...

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  1. disgusting, truly disgusting and now you people are gonna tell me wen soldiers die and there not put on the new its becuse they probibly did this.


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