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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sell your soul for fame

The theory about music artist's selling there soul for a piece of the New World Order pie has had quiet the buzz lately. I have come by a few video's that i would like to discus. The first video clip i am going to show you is a video explaining Tupac's battle for his soul.

The clip describes that a little while into his career Tupac was offered a deal by some people high up in the music industry from Tommy Boy record's. Tupac had made the deal, an oral deal he would soon learn to regret.

Suddenly Tupac was an idol, a star. he began to regret his decision, but he knew he could not come out and say exactly what he wanted. so instead he wrote of his troubles in his music, expressing many times that he had "sold his soul". A good representation of this is in his song ghetto star he says "To sell your soul in exchange for the life of a ghetto star."

Most who make this deal don't turn back.

This is the Video clip explaning the deal Tupac Shakur made and his struggle to win back his soul.

How TuPac sold his soul

Alright, now if that was shocking just wait till you see whats next. You may be a fan of one of these people. Worse yet, you might look up to these people. i will have you watch these 3 clips and watch for symbolism.

Rihanna - Exposed Satan Worship illuminati 2010

Ke$ha, Drake, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga illuminati exposed

Justin Bieber Exposed

I have made up my mind on this subject. I however am not promoting the idea that people should discontinue to listen to these artist's and artist's like them. I am merely trying to show you that the New World Order want you to worship these people and act like them. After you have watched the clips above listen to the lyrics of these artists and you will see that almost every song is about sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, homosexuality(not that i think being homosexuality is wrong), and tell you that everyone acts like this, so you should too.

If you wish to listen to some semi underground rap that deals with conspiracy theories i highly recommend Immortal Technique & Vinnie Paz

Don't fall for there brain control techniques

Hell is not a place you go, if you not a christian
it's the failure of your life's greatest ambition - Immortal Technique


  1. I have since found a more extensive web documentary on the subject. it goes in depth about everything from the history to the symbolism, it even includes the micheal jackson theory.
    enjoy, i know i did.



  2. Homosexuality most definately IS WRONG!


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